Internal high alcaline and medium acid chemical resistant waterproofing

Preparing the laying substrate for above ground-concrete tanks

  • Preparation for this type of tank includes:
  • removal of all loose particles and old varnish residues;
  • missing parts repairs and (if required) plastering with GROVE 30.


Preparing the laying substrate for metal tanks

  • Metal surfaces shall be perfectly degreased, clean and free of rust.
  • Oxidation must be removed by sandblasting (sabbiatura) SA 3.
  • On a perfectly clean substrate, apply an anchor base coat of NORPHEN FONDO MA and wait at least 24 hours before allowing subsequent applications.


Realizing the waterproofing layer and (if required) the finish layer on tanks for the containment of liquids with high acidity

  • Apply a NORPHEN POOL coating for a coverage of approx. 0.5 kg/m2.
  • To finish, apply a coat of NORPHEN 200 HCR.

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